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Thursday 16th October 2008
News | STR POEL EVENT 2008 | Performing English Classic Drama

STR-Poel Events announce their 2008 event:

Performing English Classic Drama: A one-day free event for professional actors and directors, in the early years of their careers, exploring text, voice and performance.

Friday 28th November 2008 @ National Theatre, London SE1

For more than half a century the The Society for Theatre Research has presented events to commemorate the work of William Poel (1852-1934), actor and director, remembered for his influence on Shakespeare production in the twentieth century and as a campaigner for a National Theatre.

From the beginning there was an emphasis on the actor's voice, and especially on helping to tackle the frequent theatre audience complaint, “couldn’t quite hear!”. In their early years in the profession actors can receive much good but often conflicting advice and instruction. Any confusion may not be helped by a realisation that the actor’s voice doesn’t serve him or her in larger playing spaces. Their experience in Tv and film has not developed the muscles and lung capacity for their voice to fill different spaces, maintain stamina and give control of vocal timbre. Additionally, perhaps due to the vicissitudes of the education system, some suffer a Shakespeare-phobia!

On Friday 28th November 2008, in association with the National Theatre, we are running a day for professional actors and directors to explore some of the ways to prepare and present their work in classic theatre. In using text, mind, body and voice, we aim to encourage participants to make performances audible and comprehensible - thus keeping the beauty and the insights of our classic drama alive for the future.

Workshops and classes given by:

CLARE HIGGINS (currently Jocasta in the NT’s Oedipus),

JEANNETTE NELSON, Head of Voice, National Theatre,

BEN CRYSTAL, actor and writer (Shakespeare on Toast and Shakespeare’s Words)

CICELY BERRY, the renowned voice specialist

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