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Monday 17th November 2008
News | R&V RINGS DOWN CURTAIN | Newsletter

It is with great regret that I will be ringing down the curtain on Rogues & Vagabonds at the end of the month (30 November 2008). I hope and pray that this will be temporary, a mere interval. As you may remember, I had a series of minor strokes back in May and I had hoped, with considerable streamlining and the help of R&V's wonderful freelance writers, that I would be able to keep the site going. Alas, this is not proving possible without adversely affecting my well-being.

If I had had the resources to market R&V adequately, the situation might have been different, but even when access to most of the site was by paid subscription, it proved a non-profit-making venture. If R&V is to have a future, the site needs investment. Whether this will be by my selling to an equally passionate practitioner, merging with another theatre organization or by some other means, time will tell. It is extremely important to me that the site should continue with exactly the same precepts, namely an independence and integrity that prevent outside pressure from distorting viewpoints (the stories I've heard...!) and an enduring ability to cast a fresh eye on the past and present, as well as the opportunity to discuss aspects of theatre at length.

I shall be exploring all possibilities to enable the resurrection of R&V.

So many of you wrote to me after my strokes and it was thoroughly heartwarming to find how devoted you are to R&V and how much you had even missed the newsletter! I welcome your ideas and suggestions as to the way forward this is your site!

Incidentally, R&V will remain online throughout the 'interval', though there will be no ice creams on sale. As ever, it is a simple registration process to access the archive.

Kind regards,

Sarah (R&V Editor)

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