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Sunday 24th August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | IF.COMEDY AWARDS | Winner
The winner of the 2008 Intelligent Finance Comedy Award is David O'Doherty with Let's Comedy, while the winner of the Intelligent Finance Best Newcomer award is Sarah Millican's Not Nice. [more]



Saturday 23rd August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | FRINGE FIRSTS | Week 3
The third week of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and The Scotsman Fringe First Award-winners include the already feted The Idiot Colony from RedCape Theatre and Crocosmia from Little Bulb Theatre. [more]



Friday 22nd August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | TOTAL THEATRE AWARDS | Winners
And the winners, announced at a ceremony held on Thursday 21 August at GHQ, a club bar in Edinburgh, are: [more]



Thursday 21st August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | IF.COMEDY AWARDS | Shortlist
The nominations for the 2008 Intelligent Finance Comedy Award (formerly sponsored by Perrier) were announced today at the Jam House. [more]



Thursday 21st August 2008
Theatre Review | TIMON OF ATHENS | Shakespeare's Globe
The recent scholarship of Gary Taylor and John Lavagnino and the long-awaited arrival of the Oxford Middleton have given added incentive to London’s Shakespeare’s Globe to stage this First Folio rarity. Timon of Athens, a play long considered ‘unfinished’ because of its uncomfortable situation in the Shakespeare canon, is now generally accepted to be a collaborative work between the established Shakespeare and the young up-and-coming Thomas Middleton. Kevin Quarmby [more]



Thursday 21st August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | THE CAROL TAMBOR AWARD | Nominations
The nominations for the Carol Tambor Award include the Fringe First award-winning Eight, written and directed by Ella Hickson. Joanna Bedford describes the play in her review for R&V as the “product of an intelligent concept, a beautifully composed script and a superb cast, which is why you’ll want to repeat the experience, regardless.” [more]



Thursday 21st August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | HERALD ANGELS + EIF Awards | Week 2
The second week and the second lot of Herald Angel Awards. [more]



Wednesday 20th August 2008
Edinburgh Theatre Review | EIGHT | EUTC @ Bedlam Theatre
Eight troubled individuals, eight samples of Britain’s young adult population and eight murky truths to be exposed in eight of possibly the most powerful and provocative orations you are likely to hear at this year’s Fringe. This is the work of first-time playwright Ella Hickson, whose searing writing challenges and exploits modern stereotypes in one stroke. Joanna Bedford [more]



Wednesday 20th August 2008
Quote | THOMAS PADDEN | Rehearsals



Tuesday 19th August 2008
Interview | HANNAH CHISSICK | Horrid Henry | Watershed @ Sheffield Lyceum [tour]
“What would Henry do if he was given a stage for the evening?” Such is the question posed by Hannah Chissick, director of John Godber’s adaptation of Horrid Henry, a Watershed production soon to begin its tour at Sheffield Lyceum. Harriet Davis [more]



Tuesday 19th August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | TOTAL THEATRE AWARDS | Nominations
Total Theatre is delighted to announce the shortlist for the Total Theatre Awards 2008. [more]



Monday 18th August 2008
Theatre Review | GIGI | Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Based on a novel by the French writer Colette, published in 1945, the first film version of Gigi, starring Danièle Delorme, hit the screens in 1948. Gigi then became a play adapted for the stage by Anita Loos and produced on Broadway in 1951 starring the ingénue at that time, Audrey Hepburn. In 1958, a feature film musical adaptation emerged with Leslie Caron in the title role and proved a major success, winning nine Academy Awards. Further stage adaptations followed first on Broadway in 1973 and in London’s West End in 1985. Julienne Bannister [more]



Monday 18th August 2008



Sunday 17th August 2008
As previously announced, the award winning British playwright Ronald Harwood’s international hit play The Dresser launches Watford Palace Theatre’s Autumn Centenary Season, running Thursday, September 4 – Saturday, September 27. [more]



Sunday 17th August 2008



Saturday 16th August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | STAGE AWARDS FOR ACTING EXCELLENCE | Nominations
Forget the Pleasance Theatre and the Traverse, it is the Underbelly that has come top for the first time with its seven nominations for The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence. [more]



Saturday 16th August 2008
News | Awards | Edinburgh 08 | FRINGE FIRSTS | Week 2
here are eight winners in Week 2 of The Scotsman's Fringe First Awards, including Daniel Kitson with 66a Church Road, subtitled A Lament, Made of Memories, Kept in Suitcases, and newcomer Ella Hickson, an Edinburgh student whose play Eight is at Bedlam Theatre. [more]



Friday 15th August 2008
Edinburgh Theatre Review | FACE IN THE CROWD | Kudos @ Underbelly
More often than not we’ve all found ourselves on a busy bus or train, fantasizing about the kind of lives our fellow passengers might lead. It is only natural, living in a densely populated community, to feel the impulse to make contact with the hordes that surround us every day. Joanna Bedford [more]



Friday 15th August 2008
Theatre Review | PIAF | Donmar Warehouse
There is something fascinating about fatal crashes. Necks strain to catch a glimpse of gore, vicariously to experience the moment of loss and extreme pain, to shudder at how close we are to sudden, unexpected mortality. Whether a spiralling jet plane or a mangled high speed car, a Grand Prix collision or a parachute failing to open, all attract our undivided attention as our hearts race and our imaginations race even faster, anticipating the moment when the momentum of life meets the immovable wall of death. Kevin Quarmby [more]



Wednesday 13th August 2008
Actor and playwright George Furth had a successful career in Hollywood films playing comedy roles in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Shampoo but is best known to theatre audiences for his collaboration with the composer Stephen Sondheim. Patrick Newley [more]



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