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Friday 4th July 2008
Quote | Advice | JANE HORROCKS



Friday 4th July 2008
Quote | GREAT ART | Paul Lewis



Thursday 3rd July 2008
Obituary | TONY MELODY
Character actor Tony Melody had a long career playing cameos in TV series such as Coronation Street, Heartbeat, Casualty, Dalziell and Pasco and Where The Heart Is. Patrick Newley [more]



Thursday 3rd July 2008
Quote | JANE GREENWOOD | Designing Costumes for the Stage



Wednesday 2nd July 2008
The next Barbican bite08 season kicks-off with the world premiere and bite co-production of the latest ensemble work by Ex Machina directed by Robert Lepage, Lipsynch (6 – 14 September). This highly anticipated production marks the fourth visit to bite of this visionary director’s work. Lipsynch is an epic nine-hour performance spanning decades and continents exploring the human voice. [more]



Wednesday 2nd July 2008
Quote | ERIC SYKES | Alternative Employment



Wednesday 2nd July 2008
Thought for the Day | OUT OF THE BOX
Farnham resident Abigail McKern is a hands-on member of the Farnham Theatre Association – she has just been elected to its Board of Directors – and contacted me recently to say she had been very encouraged by the first major keynote speech given on 24 June, 2008, by Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Jeremy Hunt MP, after his twelve months in the job. Sarah Vernon [more]



Tuesday 1st July 2008
Theatre Review | THE EMPEROR'S NEW KILT | Wee Stories & NTS @ Richmond Theatre [end of tour]
Going to the theatre can be very disappointing; if I think something is going to be good and then it isn’t, I would really rather not have gone at all. So I approached The Emperor’s New Kilt with extreme trepidation. Wonderful Scots theatre company Wee Stories in association with The National Theatre of Scotland, presently on a high with universally brilliant reviews for Black Watch, the signs were just too good. I told my nine -year -old daughter we had seats and, quick as a flash, she asked “Is Iain in it?” The peerless Iain Johnstone, whom we saw in Wee Stories’ Treasure Island over two years ago and whom she had never forgotten. Claire Ingrams [more]



Monday 30th June 2008
Czech-born actress Hana Maria Pravda, a survivor of both the Terezin and Auschwitz concentration camps, died on 22 May, 2008, aged 92. She began her career in Czech theatre and films, and after the war – while she had survived the Holocaust, her first husband had died – joined the Svandovo Theatre Company in Prague where she met the up-and-coming actor George Pravda. Patrick Newley [more]



Sunday 29th June 2008
Only one more week to catch Ten Tiny Toes by Esther Wilson, a co-production between Shared Experience and the Liverpool Everyman, where it runs until 5 July. [more]



Saturday 28th June 2008
News | COMING SOON TO A STAGE NEAR YOU in JULY | London [updated 4 July]
24/Seven from Urban Troubadour is a fully sung piece of Musical Theatre featuring the story of seven characters over the course of 24 hours. Music is by Stephen Powell, who is also musical director, and lyrics by Stephen Francis, who also directs. His cast includes John Harby, Ricky Dukes, Charlie Yates, Steven Cheriton, Richard Jones, Charlotte O'Dwyer and Andrea Wilson. [more]



Thursday 26th June 2008



Wednesday 25th June 2008
Connecting Conversations is an ongoing series of events that brings together practitioners from the world of psychoanalysis with leading practitioners in the arts and literature, aiming to make connections among individuals, organisations, disciplines and ideas. The event held on 23 May 2008, chaired by Raj Persaud, was a meeting of Mary Morgan and Philip Stokoe, two practicing psychoanalysts, with the artistic directors of Frantic Assembly, Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett, to discuss the latter’s production of Stockholm. Frantic Assembly’s work strives to give equal emphasis to text, movement, music and design. Joanna Bacon [more]



Tuesday 24th June 2008
Theatre Review | THE BUCCANEER | Ocean Theatre Company @ Finborough Theatre
Part of the Finborough Theatre’s Celebrating British Music Theatre series reviving forgotten British musicals, Sandy Wilson’s The Buccaneer was hugely enjoyed by a packed audience on Sunday. If you like frothy musical comedy from the Fifties, then you probably already love Sandy Wilson’s sprightly tunes and arch lyrics – ‘We sigh for him, And cry for him, And we would gladly die for him, That certain thing called… ’ (The Boyfriend 1954). In that case, you should grab this rare opportunity to see The Buccaneer (1953). Claire Ingrams [more]



Monday 23rd June 2008
Exhibition Review | LAURA KNIGHT AT THE THEATRE | The Lowry Galleries
Although these two exhibitions must be appreciated independently (and indeed I think, frankly, there would seem to be no advantage in being considered together), there is a little fun to be had in comparing and contrasting these two 20th century painters from such different backgrounds. Joanna Bacon [more]



Saturday 21st June 2008
Theatre Review | AFTERLIFE | NT Lyttelton Theatre
Michael Frayn’s new play Afterlife, directed by Michael Blakemore at the National, takes as its subject Austrian director, impresario, theatre builder and all-round dynamo Max Reinhardt, a theatrical Citizen Kane of his times (1873-1943). Claire Ingrams [more]



Friday 20th June 2008
Interview | LIZA SADOVY | Moon Over Alabama/The Good Soul of Szechuan
Liza Sadovy has one of those faces of an indeterminate age. To see her in the current production of The Good Soul of Szechuan at The Young Vic, you would probably guess at late fifties, but in person she looks closer to forty. These days, Liza is rarely out of work, and is in the privileged – and well-earned - position of working with some of the best practitioners on the scene. Harriet Davis [more]



Friday 20th June 2008



Thursday 19th June 2008
Quote | MARSHA NORMAN | How do you begin a play?



Thursday 19th June 2008
Theatre Review | 2,000 FEET AWAY | Bush Theatre [Run extended to 19 July 2008]
I was happily surprised to find that the programme for 2,000 Feet Away has been incorporated into a published script of the entire play. How invaluable this was for research into what was an experience not to be missed. Julienne Bannister [more]



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